Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dynamics of relations

Does our behavior in our personal relations affect how we behave in our professional relationships? Interesting question that just came to me.
I am thinking I should look up some research on the subject. For the moment, I am going to rely on my own experience. It seems true that most people apparently behave differently in their personal lives compared to their professional lives. However, if we were to probe deeper, we may be surprised to note that the inherent ethics and values are the same.
For instance, a person may not be in a position to be bossy at work, he may be very bossy and dominating at home thou. Now, this person may exhibit his bossy nature in a more subtle way at work. The trick would be to take note of such little things as stepping in front of a line and not excusing themselves. Generally it is small little things like this that give away the real values.

Branded for life...

Status symbols... Really? consider this: Most branded manufacturers in Pakistan are importing all parts from Taiwan and China and simply assembling them in Pakistan, and calling it Made in Pakistan. They keep up the sales targets because they have a brand in the market by now.

So, next time you go to buy a Sohrab or a Hero motorcycle, please do your research.

Also, it brings me to another point, are we really blinded by brands? Or is it the after sales service that attracts us to these brands?

Deep inside me, I feel that many people like myself do it for the after sales service that most of the brands provide.

So, I know a rather hasty conclusion..however, its late and I want to sleep...so I (sleepy) conclude that it has everything to do with the brand..as the brand is the guarentee of post-sales customer service.

QED at a later stage.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Predictive Modeling in HR

So, where did this come from?

My take on it is , that we do this all the time. We predict / forcast an outcome from past evidence. Simple.

I should be writing the for dummies books now :)

As HR professionals, as recruiters, that is what we do, without perhaps fully realizing it. Ever notice, that if a candidate from a particular university was recently fired for being unethical or simple not performing then the next candidate from the same university, prety much gets the boot. Its unfair, I may say. However, the recency effect too, but still. We do it becasue at the back of our mind, a logical model is developing, ringing a bell, telling us , alarming us that this candidate...or more so, this univeristy will because, it did in the past...

So guys, be very careful when evaluating people. GO deep..probe...you may very well loose a very promising new employee because of the wrong assumptions in the model that you create.


No Jobs OR Not Looking to hire?

If you are a fresh graduate reading this...you are probably here because you are free, and looking / searching online for jobs or any keywords that have job or career in them.

I have news for you - there are jobs out there! Yes, really there are.

The only catch is that there are also thousands of other fresh graduates for the same limited jobs. And if that were not enough to complicate the odds against you, there is a high multitude of out of work , experienced candidates who are looking to find any job. And if you are a smart person, you should have guessed by now, why you are still unemployed.

Logic dictates that if I as an interviewer have 2 candidates, one with ZERO experience and another with 1 or 2 or more years of experience... It’s not hard to decide who I would hire.

That is the current job market in Pakistan in a nutshell.

Feel free to comment please.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Price vs Value

Anyone wonder what value are "we" getting for the price "we" are paying for things here.

Electricity - We are in fact using less of it every day, some due to awareness and mostly due to loadshedding. However, atleast I for one, receive a bill every month which is the same if not more than what I used to pay.

Fuel - I dont even want to go there :(

Food - To eat or not to eat ... I love to eat... I am reconsidering my feeling for food nowadays.

Everything else - Infalated beyond imagination... well perhaps not so, because we have very vivid and ever expanding imaginations anyhows.

So, comments anyone on this?

Ability Human Resources

Visit the website for Ability Human Resources . I am currently working on this little project. I plan for it to mature over the next half a decade or so.

Any comments or feedback is more than welcome.


I wish....

I wish to go abroad, make loads of money...then come back to Pakistan and buy a huge house and a Benz :). Of course, goes without saying that a trip to the local gold market would be called for as well.

Acute fascination with going to USA, Canada, and Australia or anywhere besides being here is rampant amongst the youth.

Of course, it is a matter of personal opinion at the end. However, my spider sense ;) dictates that there is no place like home...