Tuesday, August 16, 2011


If you spend on things that you don't need, you will not have any money for things you need

Nothing special, funny or very provking about this. Simple and I feel very powerfull.

I have spent a life of a big spender. I love to spend. Usually I cannot rest as long as I have any money in my pocket that is not accounted for. I would thrive on a life where my very much significant pay cheque would be devoured within moments :)


I didn't feel very nice "spending" time on this question. So I moved on to the What will I do about it and How will I do it.

Long story short, I stopped. I put an absolute stop to all my spendings. Then slowly started taking care of my loans, Gadgets, gifts, parties and now, 9 months from the date I started, I am almost debt free and I can now say that my January 2012 resolution will be to safely save half of my take home salary every month.

If anyone feels like asking for advise...Please do :)

SO.... The first change is from within.

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