Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why should anyone read my blog

So, why should anyone on the WWW read my blog?

They should not. I strongly take a stand on this. No one should be allowed to read my blog. I dont read what I have written, and no one else should be put thru this agony either ;)

Ok, I dont mean that 100% ... people should have the free will to read what ever they wish to read. Well, its not my words that are going to make someone free, liberal or unrestricted...that has already been done by other far more competent and thought provoking than I am at the moment. I dont claim to be smart either. People should attest to that. My own words should not be my judge.

Read what you like, write what you like. Feel the freedom. My keyboard is creating alot of issues. Almost like the little red ant buggers :)

Shall put up pictures of our beautiful locations today. wait for them.

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